Rocco Mediate rounds up his third eagle in a row at Open

Sometimes, everything in your golf game comes together at the right time. The clubs feel weightless, the ball travels on a rope exactly where you want it to go, the hole seems three feet wide. And every once in awhile, you get in that zone three days in a row.

Rocco Mediate is feeling it right now. At the Open, he's posted eagles on three straight days, the first guy to do so since his 2008 Torrey Pines rival Tiger Woods did so way back in 1998 at the Sprint International. At the CordeValle Golf Club in San Martin, Calif., Mediate followed Thursday's ace on No. 3 and 160-yard hole-out on No. 4 with a 111-yard hole-out on the 15th.

All those shots, plus a few other fine ones, left Mediate with a three-stroke lead at -17. (Yeah, this isn't exactly U.S. Open conditions.) Bo Van Pelt is second, while Alex Prugh and Ryuji Imada are five strokes back of Mediate.

Here's his eagle on Saturday, holing out on the par-5 15th:

"When that went in, I was like, 'You got to be kidding me,'" Mediate said. "It was really funny. It was cool."

More coolness follows.

As if to demonstrate that this wasn't quite major-level golf, Mediate found his traveling gallery thinning as he played, as more and more grew interested in the San Francisco Giants' playoff game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

"The game starts at what, 4:30 or something?" Mediate smiled. "I don't blame you. I would go home and watch it, too."

Looking back, here's a recap of his round 2:

And, just for good measure, here's his ace from round 1:

This is the first time Mediate has led the first three days of a tournament, and he admitted to thinking about how "cool" it would be to go wire-to-wire. But he also recognizes that this is a long way from being over. "They are going to be coming again tomorrow, I can assure you that," he said. "If I keep doing what I'm doing, I will have a good chance to get this done."