Rocco, Duffy, Natalie knock 'em dead on CSI

On Thursday night, CSI -- the Vegas one, not the awesomely cheesy Miami one -- welcomed a few of golf's notables, including Rocco Mediate, Natalie Gulbis and Duffy Waldorf, onto the show. And naturally, somebody ended up dead. Here's how it began:

The plot focuses on a young phenom named Danny Nagano, who fires an opening-round 61 that eliminates his old man's course record. Pops isn't happy, pops confronts Danny after the round, and a few hours later, pops was dead. Hmmm.

Naturally, the show is filled with awful golf puns -- "play it where it lies," and so on -- but it really veers into the realm of fiction when it puts Waldorf atop the leaderboard. We're willing to suspend a little belief, but come on.

You can watch the episode in its entirety over at CBS by clicking here.

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