The rise of the belly putter, and more from the week at Devil Balll

Devil Ball Golf
Phil Mickelson takes batting practice before Yankees-Red Sox game
Phil Mickelson takes batting practice before Yankees-Red Sox game

Did you miss a day or two of Devil Ball this week? No sweat, we've got you covered. Here's what happened in the summer's final week.

• Robert Duvall stopped by to chat about his new film "Seven Days In Utopia." Like him, we too love the smell of napalm in the morning.

• Speaking of which, what are the greatest golf movies ever? Well, after that one with the gopher, of course.

• Phil Mickelson took practice with a baseball bat and a belly putter. What, plain ol' clubs aren't good enough for you anymore, Phil?

• Could a U.S. amateur's mouthy take on pro golfers have been the reason for his exclusion from the Walker Cup team? Could be...

• Paul Azinger got dinged for making an anti-Obama tweet, just like another ESPN personality got tagged for an anti-Palin one. Why are we all so sensitive?

• Rocco Mediate, the last guy Tiger Woods beat to win a major, has some choice words for Tiger's swing coaches.

• And speaking of Mr. Woods, he'll be making his debut at the Open. Everybody give this newcomer a warm welcome.

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