RIP Jim Huber, TNT/CNN broadcaster

Jim Huber, longtime golf commentator for TNT and CNN, has passed away at the age of 67. His sudden death will leave a hole not only in the world of golf coverage, but in the lives of the many who knew him, either as a friend or as a comforting voice on the many Turner broadcasts he graced.

Huber, who started his career in newspapers, later transitioned to broadcast media, and with his voice, it wasn't hard to see why. He could recite a grocery list and make you feel like you were listening to a classic, well-told tale on a late-afternoon porch.

His recently published book "Four Days In July," the story of Tom Watson's near-victory at the 2009 British Open, contains what would become an unintentional yet utterly appropriate epitaph: "I wanted to tell stories," Huber wrote. "My mother to this day claims, with a wry smile, that was my purpose in life from birth. I wanted to sit in front of a roaring fire, gather my friends at my feet, and tell them stories that would make them both smile and cry. I wanted to place them on the wings of their imagination and visit people and places that would quicken their hearts and souls."

As Scott Michaux notes over at the Augusta Chronicle, Huber's final days played out on social media, a sad string that likely will be repeated often in the coming years. Posts concerning his "persistent cough" on Christmas Day and a request for a "pulmonologist in the North Atlanta area" the day after take on added poignancy and pain now. Huber was diagnosed on Dec. 27 with acute leukemia. Just days later, he was gone.

We were lucky enough to talk to Huber for a podcast a couple years back. And like everyone who ever crossed paths with him, either in person or on television, we'll miss him. Condolences to his family and fans on this devastating loss.