Rickie Fowler’s new ‘Sportscenter’ ad is fantastic

One of the interesting things in the golf world is just which player pushes the most product. You might assume someone like Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy was the best at getting their golf clothes purchased by fans, but go to any golf tournament and you'll see just as many kids and adults in the all-orange outfits that Rickie Fowler rocks from Puma.

That color choice, inspired by his days at Oklahoma State, is so popular it made the latest "Sportscenter" commercial.

Fowler walks in, exhausted, and goes for the coffee, and well, the rest is history.

It's no Tiger walking with an army of fans behind him, or the Arnold Palmer commercial they did that is one of the best ever, but I enjoyed the idea and the fun Fowler had with it.

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