Rickie Fowler honors Payne Stewart with outfit on Thursday at the U.S. Open

It isn't easy these days to keep a secret, especially if you're one of the most famous golfers on the planet, but that is exactly what Rickie Fowler did on Thursday at the U.S. Open.

Teeing off in the morning wave at Pinehurst #2, Fowler came out in an outfit that the late Payne Stewart would have loved. Fowler had on his knickers, his argyle socks and a perfect outfit to give a tip of his cap to a man who won on this golf course back in 1999 before tragically passing away later that year in an airplane crash.

Before Fowler got to Pinehurst, he tweeted this out as a little foreshadowing about what he planned to wear for his outfit on Thursday, rocking the same look that Stewart made famous on the golf course when he was a young professional.

Fowler's outfit will definitely be the talk on the course at Pinehurst, and was a great idea from the 25-year-old who made it look great to start out his own quest for his first major championship.

Here is Stewart in the signature look from that U.S. Open that he won back in '99.

Payne Stewart — Getty Images
Payne Stewart — Getty Images

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