Rickie Fowler gets a lesson in Augusta National decorum

Everybody's all high on Rickie Fowler these days, in part because he's got some serious game, and in part because he dresses like a popsicle thrown onto the vast, drab sand of golf fashion. He's got attitude! He's got moxie! He's got style! He's EXTREEEEEEEME!

He's also not permitted to bring any of that foofaraw into the grounds of Augusta National, as he learned at his press conference. As Golfweek's Jim McCabe reports, Fowler, noticing that members of the media were also wearing caps, sat down with his cap turned around backwards, as is his trademark.

Augusta National member Ron Townsend then reached over and turned Fowler's cap forwards. Fowler laughed and joked that he wanted people to see his face. Townsend again indicated that the cap should stay forward, and this time, Fowler complied. Yes, Fowler is a rising star you'll be hearing about for years, and yes, Fowler could well become one of the few to win Augusta in his very first appearance. But in this case, at least, forward trumps backward. (Fowler later emphasized that he has nothing but admiration for the traditions of Augusta National, and would never willfully do anything to disrespect the club.)

So, score one for the not-so-extreme old guard at Augusta National. Sure, the club has made some changes to acknowledge that we're no longer in the 1950s — they've permitted video to be shown of some of the early rounds, they're allowing online registration for 2012 badges, and they let an entire video game crew onto their grounds to film — Augusta National nonetheless has standards. Indeed, longtime members have been threatened with expulsion for the sin of wearing shorts on the course. Fowler got off lucky with a gentle reminder, we suppose.

Masters Notes [Golfweek]

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