Richard H. Lee hits two of the worst golf shots you will ever see, in a row

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Richard H. Lee had some trouble on the 17th — ScreenGrab

Richard H. Lee

Richard H. Lee had some trouble on the 17th — ScreenGrab

Before Richard H. Lee got to the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass, he was having a pretty great week. Lee was playing in his second Players Championship, making the cut this year for the first time and making a great run on an early Sunday.

Lee was 2-under for the day when he got to the tee on the par-3 17th, and for the fourth day in a row his tee shot found land. That's usually a good thing at the famous island green, but that was where Lee's short game basically disappeared.

The first attempt from the fringe was a belly pitch, and when his wedge got caught up in the grass he nearly whiffed it. Then Lee grabbed his putter, and the exact same thing happened.

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He walked away with a double-bogey and this video, that will definitely follow him around for a while.

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Update: Even Lee had a little fun with these two shots afterwards, taking to Twitter to give us the thoughts of his 7-year-old daughter about what her dad did on the 17th hole.


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