Report: Tiger Woods bought $2 million boat for his wife, Elin

It appears that as likely as it is for a superstar athlete to cheat on his wife, the follow-up million dollar present is all the more predictable.

According to a source with People magazine (and, it needs to be noted, People is the only one confirming such a story, so here, let me offer you some salt), Tiger Woods has purchased a new boat aptly named "Solitude" to give wife Elin. The boat is much smaller than his yacht "Privacy," and is meant to be a diving boat to help nurse Elin's hobby.

Also, the 61-foot boat cost $2 million smackeroos, and is a lot cooler of a gift than, say, the $4 million ring Kobe Bryant bought his wife. From the People story:

The boat is much smaller than his 150-foot yacht Privacy and is currently docked at the Pirate's Cove Resort & Marina less than 10 minutes from his new Jupiter Island estate-in-progress.

Neither the builder nor the dock would confirm that the Solitude was intended for Woods. "We are making Solitude for a corporation, and we never know who the client is," a source at Garlington Landeweer Marine tells PEOPLE. "It is docked around here and will be delivered to the client soon. It has not been used yet."

Hey, every guy screws up in relationships, that is a given. Though it isn't always cheating, we are, as a whole, idiots who are clueless and many times we offer up gifts to the opposite sex in hope that they forget how terrible we are. I tend to go with flowers or dinner. Tiger, who has a couple of more dollars than I, goes with boats, which, to be fair, has been in the plan for two years, well before all the infidelity was exposed.

Whatever to make the waters a little smoother, I say.


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