Report: Phil Mickelson buying ownership in San Diego Padres

Admit it: If you had insane boatloads of cash and a love of sports, you might do something ridiculous like buy your favorite sports team. Because fans always know better how to run their favorite team than the guys in charge, of course. (Right, Daniel Snyder?)

Anyway, Phil Mickelson, a San Diego homeboy and lifelong Padres fan, is getting in on the impending purchase of the team. Mickelson is part of a team headed by former Dodgers owner Peter O'Malley that is on the verge of purchasing the team, according to Fox Sports.

The purchase price is valued at $800 million, a figure that includes $200 million for a portion of the team's equity stake in Fox Sports San Diego. The deal is in the process of being vetted by Major League Baseball, and could receive approval at the owners' meetings in August.

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"Growing up, the Padres were my team and still are," Mickelson said in May. "I always had a love for the team. But [recently] I just felt disassociated with the organization a little bit as a fan. I just know I didn't identify with the players or have an emotional connection. Where I want to get involved is I want to get a personal involvement with the players and the community — personal interaction with fans, more community outreach. I want to create an emotional tie with the players and the community."

Mickelson's stake in the team wasn't revealed, but it's safe to say that Mickelson, consistently one of sports' highest earners, will be able to handle the ownership capital expectations.

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