Report: Elin Nordegren getting $110 million in divorce settlement

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Get your salt shakers ready for this one, but news is news on the Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce front, no matter where it comes from.

According to Radar Online, Elin Nordegren, formerly Elin Woods, is going to get a pretty nice lump of cash out of this whole "Escalade-waitresses-porn star" debacle that happened to the top golfer in the land nearly a year ago. Radar is saying that Elin will get $110 million from Tiger when the papers are signed, a sum that has been tossed around ever since news hit that the two would be splitting.

While nobody knows exactly how much Tiger is worth (Remember that story that floated around a year or so ago about Woods becoming the first athlete to hit the billion-dollar mark?), some felt $110 million is a little low for Elin, stating she could have gotten more if she wanted.

No worries though for the 30-year-old former model. She is now a very rich, single lady that can move on with her life away from golf, and Tiger and the constant speculation and media attention that must be driving her batty, and become herself again, free from all the ups and downs of the past year.

Along with that, Tiger can now totally be resolved from this issue, moving back to "Tiger the golfer," with daddy responsibilities whenever their two kids, Sam and Charlie, are around.

It has been the most dominant story in the golf world this season, overshadowing any of the first-time major winners, the 59s or a fantastic Ryder Cup.

The offseason is officially here, and hopefully this story will continue to creep deeper and deeper into our archives, while other golf-related posts pop up. That said, anytime Elin and Tiger are in the news, you know it is going to be reported. He's the most famous athlete in the world, still, and a fall from grace is always going to lead the evening news.

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