Report: Elin Nordegren believes Lindsey Vonn is ‘a good influence’ on Tiger Woods

And now for your daily dose of Tiger Woods gossip: The New York Post is reporting that Elin Nordegren, former wife of Woods, approves of his relationship with Lindsey Vonn. According to the Post's anonymous source — all standard caveats apply — Nordegren "really likes Lindsey and thinks she is a very good influence on Tiger.”

Well, that's just lovely, though it doesn't quite mesh with reports in recent months that a. Woods and Nordegren were reconciling or b. Nordegren loathed the presence of Vonn in the life of her children with Woods. But we'll choose to take the happiest, most optimistic version of the story.

Nordegren has apparently moved on to date a coal-mining billionaire, for those of you keeping score. Vonn is in Scotland watching Woods play in the Open Championship. She also indicated in a recent interview that she's never getting married again.

Woods? He's currently sitting at -2, just a few strokes off the lead. You can forgive him for not worrying about any of this at all this week.

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