Remember the Ryder with this lovely T-shirt!

Well, well, well, look what we have here. A lovely Celtic Manor-green T-shirt commemorating the European victory over the United States in the Ryder Cup. It's a visual reminder of HOW FREAKING CLOSE the United States was to winning this damn thing.

Now, I'm sure the European players will wear this, made by Philosophy Football, with pride. If, however, the United States decides to wear these shirts, I predict bad things:

Stewart Cink will try to put it on three times, and fail every time.

Jim Furyk seems like he'd be able to put it on, but every time he tries, he accidentally throws it across the room.

Tiger Woods can put his on easily enough, but it's only afterward that you realize Steve Stricker was helping him out.

Jeff Overton shouts "Boom, baby!" every time he puts on his shirt, which is really annoying first thing in the morning.

Anthony Kim has to order his shirt off the website just like the rest of us.

Corey Pavin is trying to decide which pants to wear with the shirt, and whether he should wear a long-sleeve T-shirt underneath it like the kids do these days, and whether to wear a jacket with the shirt ... until he gives up and does what the Captainess tells him to do.

Hunter Mahan tries to put on his shirt, but always seems to put his head through the arm hole. Fortunately, Phil Mickelson is there to model the shirt in his place.

Anyway, if you want to pick up one of your own, go right here. Wonder if it keeps out rain.

Visor tip: Dude, Where's My Par?

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