For some reason, here is the largest golf tee ever constructed

Devil Ball Golf

When I was a kid, golf tees were small. Real small. They were made for persimmon heads and wimpy CC golf clubs, not man enough to hold the new age golf balls that we tee up miles high for our massive drivers.

But how big will golf tees go? The company Brolin Enterprises set the mark with the above golf tee that is 30 feet long and weighs over three tons. The company broke the Guinness World Records with the tee that you see above, that took half a year to build.

Even after watching the video I'm not sure exactly why people would spend this much time making such an enormous golf tee, but hey, if Yao Ming can have a set of golf clubs this long, we can have the world's biggest golf tee.

h/t Eye on Golf

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