R.I.P. Peter Falk, a cooler golfer than you’ll ever be

Peter Falk, best known as the star of the old TV show "Columbo," has passed away from unspecified causes. He suffered from Alzheimer's and was 83 at the time of his death.

But let's remember him in better times, like the one above where he looks like the absolute best guy to have in your foursome ... as long as you don't think you can beat him, that is.

Of course, once he started his golf swing, things got a little ugly. "Peter Falk might have been pretty loose as a detective on the TV series 'Columbo,' but he was as tight as a board when he was swinging a golf club," wrote famed golf instructor Kathy Whitworth. "I tried to get him to relax a little. I told him that he looked like a cement wall. He was so mechanical. He was trying so hard, bless his heart."

As opposed to his general badassery, which came without any effort whatsoever. Rest in peace, Columbo.

[Visor tip to Kaduk for the photo.]

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