Quick questions with ShopRite winner Brittany Lincicome

Occasionally we get a chance to chat with a weekend winner, and none are more enjoyable than Brittany Lincicome, winner of Sunday's LPGA ShopRite Classic. It was Lincicome's fourth career win, but first since 2009, when she made eagle on the final hole at the Kraft Nabisco to claim her first major championship. Here is what the 25-year-old had to say about the weekend.

Bacon: You've won your last two events with an eagle and a birdie on the last hole. Can we start calling you super clutch?

Lincicome: Haha, if it's a par-5 that's a safe answer. Being a long hitter I have to capitalize on those holes, especially if they're reachable like the one on Sunday in New Jersey.

Bacon: Explain the support you get from fellow players and family when you win something like this.

Lincicome: I've probably received 50 congratulation messages just from players. When I finished my round yesterday I had over 80 texts from friends and family and that's a very special feeling.

Bacon: Does winning something like this make you feel you're ready to win another major or another tournament this year, or were you always thinking like that?

Lincicome: I've never had a two win season, so now I'm itching to get that next win. One of the majors would be awesome but a win is a win. I'll take any of them and be very happy!

Bacon: Last question - you've beat some guys in some smaller pro tournaments this year. How are they at getting beat by a girl, and are your playing partners intimidated by you?

Lincicome: I thought going into the first three day mens' event that they wouldn't talk to me or be rude but they were very nice. Especially after we played a few holes and got to know each other. They might have been intimidated a little but after I was around for a bit they were great. And I'm sure they hate getting beat by a girl! It's how I feel when any guy beats me! I'm very competitive.

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