A quick Q & A with Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is the most entertaining golfer to ever walk any hallowed links. He's won majors, changed the game into what we see now, had a drink named after him and now, at the young age of 82, has joined EA Sports to be a part of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. We got a quick minute to chat with Mr. Palmer about some of the things going on with the PGA Tour and what he thought of the new game, which comes out on March 26. Here we go.

Bacon: Mr. Palmer, I wanted to get your thoughts of the banning of the anchored putters and hear what you had to think about all that's going on?

Palmer: Well, I'm opposed to it. I think anything that in a golf swing that's attached to your body should be disallowed. If they did what they did with Sam Snead or that part years ago, I think that the anchored putter should be gone too.

Bacon: It seems on tour everyone is playing slower and slower. Is there something the pros could do to speed up the game on tour and eliminate the long rounds of golf?

Palmer: Well, there's no question about the fact that the game is too slow, and it's professional golf that should be speeded up and I think that's up to the USGA and to the PGA and the PGA Tour to start setting up timings and systems which would we should be playing and make it speed up.

Bacon: Can you give us your thoughts on the new EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 game and what you've got going on with it?

Palmer: I think it's a wonderful thing. With modern media, what they've done, and how this game is something that people can really get into and play, it's going to really capture a lot of the imagination of the golfers, the young people, the older people.

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