Which pro won a tournament with a six-dollar club in 2011?

This is a post that big-time equipment manufacturers probably would prefer you didn't read. Why? Because you, friend, just did some bill-massaging and credit-card spreading and financial manipulation and dropped four figures on a whole new set of clubs. And you're feeling very proud of yourself, aren't you?

Guess what. Somebody won a tournament this year with a club that cost less than six bucks. Ouch.

That "somebody" was Mark Calcavecchia, and the club is actually a pair: 15- and 19-degree Callaway Steelhead fairway woods that he's had in his bag since 1998. Street value: $5.97. What a deal!

Calc's clubs are part of Golf Digest's list of bargain clubs that pros used in 2011, ranging from D.A. Points' Ping i5 irons ($210.22 for a set of eight) to Lucas Glover's 2007 Nike SQ Sumo2 driver ($41.61) to Mark McNulty's 30-year-old Bullseye putter that's valued at $6.41.

Of course, you've got to get good enough to wield one of these cheap dogs; some pros could hit the links with a pool cue, a 2x4 and a log of firewood and still win a pro-am. But it's proof that equipment alone doesn't carry the day, and adding a few bucks to your club bill is no guarantee you'll take those strokes off your game.

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