Pro-Am canceled in Phoenix because it is wicked cold

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- There probably isn't a lot of sympathy from you, dear reader, for people living in Arizona right now. You're stuck shoveling snow, or driving through it, or dealing with kids that aren't at school right now because they're all canceled. But understand something -- it ain't warm in Phoenix.

While the Scottsdale area has enjoyed wonderful weather throughout the entire month of January, it always seems that whenever the PGA Tour star's private planes start landing on the tarmac at Scottsdale Airport, things begin to cool off.

It got so bad this Wednesday, with the wind chill making TPC Scottsdale nearly unplayable, that tournament officials decided to cancel the pro-am.

The good news is, the weather will improve the next few days, with highs in North Scottsdale expected to be in the 70s come Super Saturday.

So, yes, if you have ever asked yourself the question, "Does it ever get cold in Phoenix?", any PGA Tour player will be able to answer that after Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Now, back to those mittens ...

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