President Obama has walk-off chip-in birdie on vacation

Devil Ball Golf

All that golf seems to be paying off for President Barack Obama, at least on the course.

On Monday, Obama was playing golf on the third day of an expected two-week Hawaii vacation with his family, enjoying a round at Mid Pacific Country Club in Lanikai.

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On the final hole, Obama had just missed the green with his approach, leaving 40 feet or so between his ball and the hole. After reading the break on the green like a pro, the left-hander put a perfect stroke on the ball, chipping it in for a closing birdie. The crowd of onlookers went wild as Obama pointed to them and the pool media to confirm that they had captured the shot on video. He doffed his cap in appreciation of the applause.

Obama was playing with childhood friends Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb, as well as regular golf buddy Darrell Harrington.

The 44th President is a pretty decent player, routinely shooting in the mid- to high 80s.

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