President Obama will get golf lessons this weekend from Butch Harmon

Devil Ball Golf

Believe it or not, there are perks to being president. One of them: the ability to get some help with your golf game from one of the best teachers in the world.

President Obama is headed to a golf getaway weekend, but unlike the rest of us, he'll be bringing along some top-flight instructional help. Obama will be at The Floridian Golf Club in Palm City, Fla., and will get instruction from none other than Butch Harmon and his son Claude III. Butch Harmon is, of course, one of golf's most famous teachers, having been Tiger Woods' swing coach for Woods' first eight majors.

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According to Golf Digest, Obama inquired if the teachin' Harmons would be on property, and when the president requests your services, you tend to hop-to.

"He's a left-handed player, I've seen film of his swing before," Harmon told Golf Digest. "It'll be fun to get him down in the learning center, show him stuff in his golf game and see how he takes it to the course. He's just like all of us that play golf. He wants to get better."

Harmon's learning center features state-of-the-art indoor driving ranges and video instruction. Plus, you've got to admit, there's got to be a certain thrill in telling the President of the United States what to do. We'd push it and make him pick up the drinks from the beer cart and the sandwiches at the turn.

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Naturally, there will be blowback. Every time any sitting president picks up a golf club, you can count on hordes of his opponents whining that he ought to be doing more important things with his time than golfing and worst president ever and blah blah blah. (Just watch the comments below this post.) We don't subscribe to that theory; being president is a rough gig, and if he wants a little down time to decompress now and then, more power to him. We'd be a lot more concerned about anybody who's all business, all the time.

"I've played golf with Ike, Nixon, Ford and President Bush 41," Harmon said. "It'll be interesting. I know the President is a real keen golfer. I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun."

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