Play it where it lies: Mickelson’s tee shot ends up in fan’s shorts

Devil Ball Golf

On most days, taking a golf ball in the pants is hazardous to your health and not recommended. But every once in awhile, it turns out to be good luck. Read on!

Phil Mickelson's tee shot on 15 at Riviera Country Club for the Northern Trust Open drifted left. Way left, so far left that it caromed off a tree and ended up in the gallery. Ah, but where in the gallery, you ask? Somehow, like all good things eventually do, it ended up in someone's pants:

Here's a question: how exactly does a golf ball end up in somebody's pants? Best-case scenario: it rebounded off the ground and caromed up his pant leg. Worst-case? The fan saw an opportunity and put it there himself. Thankfully, no incriminating video has yet surfaced.

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Fortunately for the fan, Mickelson didn't actually swing away while said ball was still lodged in said shorts. And fortunately for Mickelson, the pants-related malfunction didn't hurt his scorecard; he still recorded a par on the hole and remains at the top of the leaderboard.

We can think of no better quote than one from "Caddyshack"'s late, great Al Czervik: "Fore? I shoulda yelled two!"

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