Photo: Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s bromance continues

Now that Rory McIlroy has joined Tiger Woods under the Nike swoosh, I'd suspect we are going to get a healthy serving of the two together.

We've already seen "the commercial," but now that they're in Abu Dhabi for this week's European Tour event, the two have been asked to take some rather interesting photographs, and well, there they are.

The first one is Tiger and Rory posing with Justin Rose and a camel, of course, and the second is the two having a friendly cheers with each other (to be fair to both, I'd do just about anything if someone was going to give me seven figures to show up and play golf in front of thousands of fans).

The question isn't why they took these photos but rather, were they better than the samurai sword pictures from 201o? You decide!

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