Philly sports fans cheer Ron Jaworski at U.S. Open

Kevin Kaduk
Devil Ball Golf

ARDMORE, Pa. — Signs of Philadelphia's famous devotion toward its professional sports teams have been evident in the galleries at the U.S. Open this week. Phillies and Flyers caps are plentiful, a man wore a ragged and old Randall Cunningham jersey and a taste of the city's famous heckling was heard when Sergio Garcia teed off on Saturday afternoon.

And hey, what do you say! There was Ron Jaworski making his way up the left side of the 14th of the public's side of the ropes. A group of nearby fans quickly noticed him and flanked him on either side, slapping the hand of the  former Eagles quarterback and current ESPN analyst.

"Best Eagles quarterback ever!" one man shouted.

"Thank you," said Jaworski.

"Best Eagles quarterback ever!" the man shouted again.

"We had a good run," said Jaws.

"Best Eagles quarterback ever!" yelled the man yet again and you had to wonder if Donovan McNabb's ears were starting to burn somewhere.

Jaworski looked like he was at a loss for words, but smiled and then engaged the fans when the friends of Mr. "Best Eagles quarterback ever" offered some more pointed conversation.

Jaworski played 10 seasons for the Eagles, compiling a record of 69-67-1 and starting in one of the franchise's two Super Bowl appearances. All these years later, he's still a fan favorite.

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