Phil Mickelson shows up in flip-flops to sign up for a few rounds of golf at Oak Hill

Gotta love Phil Mickelson. This clip from Golf Channel, a quick shot of Phil's Wednesday afternoon, sums up pretty much everything about the guy in one 90-second package. To wit:

-The dude hangs out in flip-flops when he's not on the golf course. He also goes out in public while wearing said flip-flops.

-He waited until almost literally the last moment to register for the PGA Championship, risking disqualification.

-He walks into the clubhouse so fast that plenty of people don't even realize it's him until he's already past them.

-He and his caddy Bones Mackay keep the freaking Claret Jug, the legendary British Open trophy,in a backpack.

There you go, Phil in all his glory. Play on, playa.

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