Phil Mickelson opens up on family, Tiger in Parade interview

Anybody remember newspapers? Big chunks of paper that got ink all over your hands? Yeah, back in the old days of 1998, that's how we used to get our news. It took forever — they only showed up once a day — and when we commented on stories, only our dog heard us. Good times.

Anyway, one of the highlights of the Sunday paper was (and, I guess, still is) Parade magazine, a quickie lifestyle guide packed with not-particularly-funny cartoons and that strange weekly Q&A with that ultrasmart lady. And this week, it featured one of our own: Phil Mickelson, who discussed his family, his troubles and his best-known rival.

Now, this being Parade, and aimed at an audience which includes members who think that "Devil Ball" is Satan's Christmas party, the main interview itself is pretty family-friendly and family-focused. "Amy and I have always said we wanted to grow old together," Mickelson says in the interview. "We just didn't know old was going to be 38 and 40."

Of course, the secret of Phil's appeal may lay as much in who he isn't as who he is, as this excerpt shows:

In this era of golf, Mickelson's name will always come after Tiger Woods's. He is the anti-Tiger, though not because he's gracefully weathered the obstacles life has thrown at him while Tiger is still stinging from self-inflicted wounds. He's the anti-Tiger because on the course he plays a mild-mannered, sometimes bumbling Clark Kent to Woods's Superman. And fans love him for it. He never looks chiseled, never seems invincible, and—despite 38 PGA wins—has never been No. 1 in the world. He's been faulted for taking too long to win his first major (in his 12th year as a pro) and for making too many suicidal shots at critical moments. But throughout his nearly 20-year professional career, he has had the same caddie, the same manager, and the same wife.

Over at Golf Digest, there are excerpts of the interview that are far more golf-focused. In comparing himself to Woods, Mickelson says, "I'm much more emotional. I'll have highs and I'll have lows and I'll be much more up and down. He is very even keeled and somehow he's been able to be even-keeled at the highest level of performance."

It's not a groundbreaking interview, but it helps clarify what we all know about Phil. Check it out. And make sure to clip some coupons, too.

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