Phil Mickelson will not be serving you waffles

For any golf fan that has ever drunkenly stumbled into a Waffle House at three in the morning for some syrupy goodness and hash browns diced, smoothered and covered, I deliver some bad news.

"Tin Cup" will remain the only golf related tie with Waffle House after a deal between Phil Mickelson and the chain has reportedly fallen, getreadyforthis, over-easy. Mickelson, who was in talks with the drunk food breakfast chain about obtaining 105 bankrupt stores in a deal worth $20 million has pulled out, his now hungry manager told's Steve Elling.

For golf blogs everywhere, it is a depressing day mainly because it was hopeful in the joke-creating category. Honestly, a golfer whose weight is always in question picking up 105 stores that basically make heart-attack food morning, noon and night?

Since there is nothing else to say here, I leave you with the always amusing Roy McAvoy, and his love for the House -- "I'm a Waffle House guy, I've got to stay in touch with that." Romeo clues in with, "plus he needs his carbohydrates."

Is anyone else hungry for the All-You-Can-Eat deal?

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