Phil Mickelson makes TMZ! For Krispy Kreme, but still!

Wherever Tiger Woods goes, Phil Mickelson follows, and that apparently extends to TMZ now, too.

Now, fear not, Phil fans; we're not talking any kind of homewrecking dalliances here. No, Phil made TMZ because of that famous photo above. Taken last year just after the Masters, you can clearly see Mickelson wearing the green jacket while picking up an order of donuts. (According to the store, the order was a dozen glazed, a dozen chocolate frosted and a dozen mixed.)

Well, the Krispy Kreme folks liked the photo so much that they used it on a billboard. Nice idea, but you can't use somebody's image in an ad without their permission, and Phil is notoriously protective about his image. Someone in Mickelson's camp reportedly paid the Krispy Kreme folks a visit and, hey, presto, no more billboard. Seems like this could have been resolved with a trade-in-kind of donuts, but apparently not.

Good news for Phil fans: It could have been worse. TMZ also caught Tom Watson making an unscheduled stop out on the course, and the Tiger Woods "Homewrecker Hot Dog." (It's deep-fried with bacon, chili, cheese and who knows what else.) Ah, tabloidery.

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