Phil Mickelson gives a couple fans at Kiawah a memorable tournament gift

Phil Mickelson has a lot on his mind this week. Forget about just contending at the PGA Championship, he's also currently sitting right on the automatic Ryder Cup bubble in eight place. Oh, and if you didn't already know, he's also been struggling mightily with his game (only one under-par round in his last 13 on the PGA Tour).

So, yeah, Mickelson didn't exactly come to Kiawah Island with positive vibes. But if there's one thing the four-time major winner does better than pretty much anyone on tour, regardless of how he's playing, it's connect with the fans. The guy gets it. Sure, he may look goofy giving a thumbs-up, smile and high-five to everyone who shouts his name at a tournament, but that's how Mickelson gives back -- by making fans feel like they're important.

He did exactly that during a late afternoon practice round at the Ocean Course on Monday. As's David Dusek reported, Mickelson took a couple minutes to make the day a memorable one for some fans hanging out in a nearby house on the par-5 11th hole.

After hearing shouts and cheers from the backyard, he decided to send them a thank you gift via "Mickelson Air."

"Laser me a yardage Bones, I want to hit a wedge over to them," Mickelson said.

One hundred twenty-two yards was the number, a three-quarter-swing pitching wedge shot for Phil.

He promptly dropped a ball and pitched a beautiful shot over the swamp grass and just right of the house. A moment later, cheers from the pool area could be heard and someone held the ball aloft.

"You know, if that kid had dived in the pool and gotten hurt, I'd have gotten sued," Phil laughed.

Talk about a cool experience. After hearing what transpired this week at Kiawah, every fan is going to pass on Mickelson throwing them a ball and request he send it via wedge in the future.

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