Phil Mickelson comes unglued on Augusta National’s 10th hole

There's something about No. 10 at Augusta National that seems to bring out the worst in some of the best golfers in the world. One year after Rory McIlroy saw his Masters hopes go down in flames on the par-4 10th, Phil Mickelson may taken himself out of the equation on the very same hole.

Only 1-over on the day when he stepped on the 10th tee, Mickelson watched his tee shot sail well left into the Georgia Pines, forcing him to proclaim to his playing partners that he was hitting a provisional.

It was a good thing he did, because his ball never reappeared. Despite having 30-plus Masters patrons searching for his ball in the woods like a bunch of kids looking for Easter eggs, he was forced to play the provisional shot, leading to a triple-bogey seven — the very same score Rory McIlroy carded in his final round.

The good news for Phil? Unlike Rory's mistake, this one came on Thursday, so he still has a lot of golf left to make up for the blunder.

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