PGA Tour player shoos away alligator with a bunker rake

John Peterson — Getty Images

John Peterson

John Peterson — Getty Images

If there is one thing that golf gives us that no other sport can, it's nature. The beautiful, undeniable, amazing outdoors that can, at times, scare us half to death.

That is what would happen to most of us if we came up to an alligator as close as John Peterson did on Friday at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Needing to play his ball, Peterson, a man who went to Louisiana State University and resides in Baton Rouge, had to shoo away an alligator that was sitting right on top of his golf ball.

Peterson grabbed a bunker rake from his caddie, and went after the alligator, shoving it a few times before the beast got the hint and dove in the nearby pond.

I'm not sure if this is normal practice in Louisiana, but I think I would have just dropped my ball away from the alligator with no penalty and went about my day.

h/t CJ Fogler for the video

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