PGA Tour opens door to fall ‘Finals Series’ for tour cards

The PGA Tour has already announced its plans to rework the Nationwide Tour and Q School, altering the way that players compete to get onto the next year's PGA Tour. Bust out those calculators, friends.

There'll be a points race now, and according to the initial proposal presented to the Player Advisory Council at the Heritage, Nationwide players and PGA Tour players who finish outside the regular-season 125 would battle for 50 tour cards. (Q-School guys: Sorry, you're going straight to the Nationwide.)

And how would those 50 tour cards be awarded? By a three-tournament "Finals Series" built on the same statistical model as the FedEx Cup. As GolfWorld (via Shackelford) points out, this could potentially last so long that it stretches into the next calendar year, and any statistical yips will have a dramatic effect on players' careers.

The plan won't begin before 2013, when Nationwide's contract is up. Hopefully the tour will be able to come up with a statistical plan that works right out of the gate, unlike certain other ranking plans.

Coming soon: The 'Finals Series' [GolfWorld]

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