PGA Tour will experiment with mikes on players

Anyone who's ever shanked a shot, or been in a foursome with someone who did, knows that the best conversation on a golf course comes at the most stressful moments. And now, we'll get to listen to how many of our favorite pros react in such situations. Drama!

The Golf Channel has won approval from the PGA Tour to mike up players during the course of the season, and is now in the process of figuring out who wants to have the world listen in on their thoughts, and when. Many players simply don't want to be miked at all, which is a good idea if you have a tendency to comment on the gallery. Others want to get back into the swing of the game this year before committing, which means we may not see this happening in the next couple weeks.

Still, while quite a few pros are more than happy to keep silent before the world, you can expect that guys like Bubba Watson would be all over this as a way of expanding both the game's personality and their own personal brands. Besides, every other sport already does this, to a greater or lesser extent, so it's high time golf knocked down a barrier and let viewers in on the conversation.