The PGA Tour could be cell phone ready by 2011

Ring, ring!

Who's there?

Disturbances, that's who!

Why? Because the PGA Tour might start allowing cell phones at all golf tournaments in 2011. Earlier this season the tour did a dry run at the Wyndham Championship, and will again test cell phones at tournaments at the Chevron World Challenge in two weeks. If all goes smoothly (quietly?), the tour will use the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines as a last gasp before allowing every iPhone and Blackberry one can carry in their cargo shorts to all tour events.

What are my initial thoughts?

Well, sure, if every person could remember to put their cell phone on silent or vibrate it wouldn't be a problem, but how many times have you been at a show or service and heard a disturbing ring? A lot, I'd imagine, and this won't be much different.

Along with that, this allows more dopes to be on their cell phones. Earlier this season I caddied at the LPGA event in Alabama, and during the tournament, a guy was standing about 20 feet off the tee box of a par-5, chatting on his cell phone while players were attempting to tee off. Another caddie had to basically toss a headcover at the guy to make him realize he was being a goof.

So, should cell phones be allowed at events? Yes and no. Yes, because it is a simple act to put your phone on silent mode, but no, because someone in the audience is going to forget, and eventually a phone is going to go off during a moment it shouldn't (like, when Tiger Woods is swinging, which will lead to a first ... Steve Williams actually having fire coming out of his ears).

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