PGA Tour Canada member hits himself in the leg with his own drive

Talk about a promotional video gone wrong!

This week at the Great Waterway Classic three PGA Tour Canada members were set to shoot a promotional video in front of a cannon near the golf course in Cornwall, Ontario.

Alex Carrigan and Chris Killmer were part of the "lighting" of the cannon with a golf club, while J.J. Regan, a resident of the area and player on the PGA Tour north of the border, was supposed to hit a golf shot that looked like the cannon was firing a ball.

The problem was, Regan caught that drive a little thin, and hit the very, very short wall in front of him. That was a problem, but the unlucky part was what the ball did after smacking into the wall.

It smoked Regan in the leg.

You can see the ball in the video, but the reaction is the thing you want to watch.

I'll say this isn't exactly how the guys drew it up, but hey, better to hit it a little thin in practice than in a real tournament, right?

h/t Golfweek

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