PGA Tour caddie trips while carrying the bag, bends Chesson Hadley's putter

Caddies are the unsung heroes of professional golf. They do everything a player doesn't, spending hours upon hours scouting different golf courses, charting the greens and making sure that they have complete knowledge of every golf course in case their players needs it.

And occasionally they'll do something like what happened on Thursday at the Wells Fargo Championship, when Chesson Hadley's caddie, Josh Svendsen, took a spill while carrying his boss' bag.

Hadley, a 26-year-old who is having one heck or a run since his win in Puerto Rico last month, was going along nicely when Svendsen went down with the bag on his back.

The good news is that Svendsen didn't hurt himself, but the bad news was that the putter in the bag took the majority of the fall. Hadley pulled out his flat stick and after examining it, realized that the fall had bent the most important club in his bag.

No worries for Hadley, who consulted with a rules official who told him the club could still be used for the remainder of the round, and he took advantage with a two-putt birdie on the same hole as the fall.

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