The PGA and 'Jersey Shore': not as far apart as you'd think

As most of you know, the always fantastic "Jersey Shore" ended Thursday night, to many sad faces and wet eyes. It was a television experience unlike any other, very similar to that of Augusta National, if only Hootie Johnson had a blowout and enjoyed the occasional Ed Hardy shirt (green, of course).

The more I watched "Jersey Shore," though, the more it seemed rather familiar to me. And then it hit me -- I've seen all these characters before ... on the PGA Tour.

The Situation -- Tiger Woods. Tiger demands attention wherever he goes, much like The Situation, and is better known from his alternate name (Tiger) than his actual first name (Eldrick), much like The Situation is more popular than Mike. Also, The Situation tends to bring home a lot of women, most unattractive, much like Tiger apparently did the past few years. If only The Situation had a Swedish girlfriend back home we didn't know about, I'd be scared these two were brothers.

Paulie D -- Kenny Perry. Liked by most, if not all, of his peers, Perry is a little too old to be hanging with the young folks, but tends to fit right in, and compete respectfully. Paulie D, 29, was definitely the oldest of the group, but tended to blend in with the rather young crowd.

Snookie -- Phil Mickelson. Neither look like they should be the center of attention, but usually are, and both have been judged on their size in the past. Mickelson also has a nickname that some use (FIGJAM) but most don't really know what it means or where it originated from, similar to that of Snookie (or Snickers). Also, I'm just assuming this, but I'd be willing to bet they both have a very similar vertical leaps.

Ronnie -- Camilo Villegas. While neither of them are necessarily giants, they both look like they enjoy the gym, and aren't scared to take their shirts off.

Sammi Sweetheart -- Colin Montgomerie. Neither are what you'd consider "major winners," and both seem to run their mouths four or five seconds too long, which ends up getting themselves of someone else into trouble.

Vinny -- Michelle Wie. Both are very young, and tend to enjoy time with their parents. Nobody was quite sure of what to make of both Vinny and Michelle when they entered our lives. But we soon realized, through Vinny's personality and Michelle's blog and Twitter, that there is way more to know about both, and people tend to like them a lot, even if at first it didn't seem they would.

J-Woww -- Natalie Gulbis. One of the only golfers alive that, like J-Woww, makes people turn around for a second glance, even if they are for completely different reasons. Gulbis forces the "wow, what a beautiful girl" reaction, while J-Woww forces us to think, "Man, I wonder how much all that cost."

Angelina -- Doug Barron. They were gone before we could even get to know them, and both apparently did some shady stuff that nobody really approves of.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I'd like to see the Jersey Shore cast on tour. Can we set them up with some sticks?

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