And the PGA Championship winner is …

Each major championship the Devil Ball golf guys try to pick a winner. Normally it's a swing and miss (Jay had Graeme McDowell at Muirfield while Shane had Ernie Els), but this PGA Championship is set up for some big names making moves so hopefully we can at least make contact.

Here are your 2013 PGA Championship "expert" picks ...

Jay Busbee -- Hunter Mahan. Yes, I know we all think Tiger's going to walk, but Mahan would be a worthy addition to this year's major winners. He's ready, as evidenced by his late-Sunday starts in recent majors. And he's got the requisite good-guy storyline after leaving a tournament to be at the birth of his daughter. It's Mahan time, baby.

Shane Bacon -- Fine, if you don't want Tiger Woods, I won't take Tiger either because it is so easy and innovative. If this was a contest to pick who would definitely finish in the top-10, I would go Tiger by a mile, but this is to win, and I'm going with another guy that's been having a hot last few weeks. Henrik Stenson has finished in the top-21 in all three majors this season including a second at the British Open, and I feel his play at the Bridgestone showed he's not ready to let up just yet.

Now your turn ... Tiger, Phil, Rory, Henrik? Who ya got at Oak Hill?!

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