Peter Hanson makes hole-in-one, wins a fan her mortgage for a year

Devil Ball Golf

This week at Congressional marks the first with the name "Quicken Loans" attached to it. The online mortgage lender teamed up with Tiger Woods to headline this event, and promised some nice prizes for fans if anyone in the field made a hole-in-one.

While nobody has carded one on the par-3 10th yet this week (that prize is worth $1 million to some lucky golfer), we did see a fan get her mortgage paid for the rest of the year thanks to the ace on the par-3 second by Peter Hanson on Saturday.

Hanson's hole-in-one on the lengthy par-3 meant that Arline Deacon of Fayetteville, Ga. lands a year's worth of her mortgage being paid for thanks to Quicken Loans, and that is a pretty special prize for anyone that signs up for the contest.

Hanson of course is pretty happy with the ace considering he hasn't played his best golf this Saturday, and I feel the only appropriate thing would be for Arline to at least buy Hanson a drink after his round. The hole-in-one rules change when you don't have to send a check in to pay for your house for the next 12 months.

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