Paul Stankowski gets himself a caddy via Twitter

Here's a weird one. Paul Stankowski was the 11th alternate for last weekend's season-ending Children's Miracle Network Classic, and when you're that far back, it's hoping beyond hope that you'll get in. As such, Stankowski didn't want to summon his regular caddy for a trip across the country to sit around and wait for a tee time that almost certainly wouldn't come.

But then strange things began happening, and by last Monday, Stankowski was up to the second alternate ... but without a caddy. So what did he do? Why, take to Twitter, of course.

On his @paulstankowski account, he Tweeted the following: "Orlando bound. 2nd alternate. Hoping a few of the senior guys in the field decide to go get their PSA checked or something like that."

Whatever the cause, Stankowski got into the tournament, and so brought along one of his Twitter followers, Matt Olsen, for the weekend.

How did it go? Well, Stankowski got himself a top-20 finish that was good enough for a rise to 137th on the money list. He's not exempt, but he gets a pass on early rounds of Q School. Whatever works. And Olsen? He offered to caddy for free, but Stankowski would have none of it; he paid Olsen the standard rate, which meant he got about $4,000 for the week.

See? Twitter isn't just for telling you what golfers have for breakfast!

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