Paul Azinger tweaks Euros with golf's version of 'scoreboard'

Oh, this is going to be a fine Ryder Cup in a few weeks. You've got Corey Pavin getting in fights over his selection and Colin Montgomerie being the red-faced, spluttering Monty we all love. And now, we've got some trash-talking! In golf! I know, I can't believe it either, but here we are.

Anyway, as Waggle Room noted, Thursday night Ian Poulter and Justin Rose were hanging on Twitter, soliciting questions from fans. And Paul Azinger, captain of the victorious U.S. team in 2008, offered back this reply:

Hey..@Ianjamespoulter Is it to late to ask a question? I was busy polishing this:

Nice! (That, of course, is the Ryder Cup trophy from '08.) Zinger's, uh, zinger got the attention of plenty of pros and fans alike, all of whom enjoyed the goof. That would include Poulter, who Tweeted back his approval, along with the reply, "I'm so glad you're cleaning that Ryder cup trophy we don't want to lift a dirty one. : )"

Aw, yeah. Europe may be favored big-time in the Ryder Cup, but for right now, that doesn't matter. Scoreboard, Euros. Scoreboard.

Visor tip: Waggle Room.

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