Pat Perez likes cars, doesn't like TPC Scottsdale (but you wouldn't know that)

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. -- Here is something you don't hear everyday from a guy very much in the hunt at a PGA Tour golf tournament. Asked if he was at a comfort level going into round three, Pat Perez answered like Pat Perez answers.

"No," he said with a laugh. "I've never had success over the weekend here, so I don't know what to expect."

This is Pat Perez. Two minutes into listening to him talk for the first time in person, I wanted to throw my microphone away, go get my Chevrolet Trailblazer and take him for a beer. Or a sandwich. Or five beers. Heck, I would have gone for nine holes.

See, something has always been fun about the guy. When he wasn't trying to break a 3-wood over his knee at Pebble Beach, he was relaxing by playing the Incredible Hulk video game. A year ago I noticed that he came in a different vehicle each day to the Waste Management Open, and this wasn't your grandma's rotation of cars.

"I usually bring my buddy's (Ford) Starliner (on Saturday) but it's in the shop," Perez said. "Next year I'll have one for each day. I'll have a 1970 Chevelle, a Starliner, a Ferrari (F430, pictured) and the truck."

The entertainment continued from Perez. A local guy, Perez said he thinks he should play well at the Waste Management Open, where he has opened with 65-68, since, you know, he plays desert golf all the time and lives in the area. But here is the difference in Perez talking and anyone else on tour talking.

"(TPC Scottsdale) just doesn't fit my eye. I never play here because during the rest of the year the course is never in good shape. The course is never in the condition you see it right now."

From one local to another, I couldn't agree more, it's just another thing you don't hear about tour events. This golf course is perfect for one week a year, and the rest of the time locals are out here paying $200 a round to get a six out of 10. That isn't really as much a dig on TPC Scottsdale. This is the week they get the exposure and the week they get all those people wanting to fly here and toss around a couple of Benjamins to lose some balls in the desert and get a chance to imagine what the 16th must feel like with all those people cheering.

It's just, pro golfers don't talk about those things. Perez does.

Asked if he changed much this week, he nonchalantly admitted, "I only changed two things this week."

Alright, must not be a big deal, right?

"I changed my entire set of irons, and I went from cross-handed with an Odyssey putter to a regular conventional with a Scotty Cameron putter."

Point, Perez. Now, any chance you can let me test drive your ride?

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