Pat Perez, Johnson Wagner give away $10,000 at Scottsdale golf shop

You have to hand it to TaylorMade Golf: the golf manufacturer sure knows how to build up the hype for their new products.

After running a series of commercials with the likes of Dustin Johnson launching the new RocketBallz 3-wood over 300 yards, and then kicking off the new RocketBallz and R11S line with a midnight launch, TaylorMade took things even further on Friday, sending staffers Johnson Wagner and Pat Perez to a local Scottsdale golf shop to give away $10,000 in cash for trying out the new line.

Free cash for trying out a new club? Sounds good to me. Golfers were asked to try out the new RocketBallz 3-wood and were paid $10 per yard, up to $100, for every yard they gain with the new club over their current 3-wood.

Needless to say, people showed up for the chance to take home some free cash, and try out one of the most talk-about products in golf. Give TaylorMade credit for thinking up these crazy ideas. While some might question the need to constantly build up products with countless gimmicks, it's clear from the buzz surrounding the clubs that the gimmicks are definitely working.

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