Get your own green jacket without having to win that pesky Masters

OK, we've spent most of the last week telling you how exclusive Augusta National is, how treasured the Masters is, how lucky you are to even gaze upon the green jacket. And then we see this:

A genuine Augusta National green jacket is for sale.

Geoff Shackelford brings us this little gem from American Memorabilia. It's a size 50, so we're talking a big boy. (Phil Mickelson wears a 44, for reference.) Green jackets are the exclusive province of Masters winners and members of Augusta National, and in theory are supposed to stay at the club. (Masters winners get them for a year, which is how Phil ended up wearing his at a Krispy Kreme. Gary Player kept his, daring Augusta to come to South Africa to get it.)

No word on how exactly this ended up in American Memorabilia's possession, but it's the real deal, right down to the proper manufacturer and the serial number. (Whoever the large gentleman is that owned this particular jacket, he'd better hope that the serial number isn't logged. Sweet heaven, if Augusta National could take away your badge forever for mouthing off on the course, what do you think they'd do to someone who snuck a green jacket off the grounds?)

At the moment, it's only about two grand, and bidding ends Thursday evening. So get that tax refund ready!

Good thing TMZ didn't get its hands on this thing. They could've slung this over the shoulders of an exotic dancer and snuck her into Augusta in plain sight.

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