Our Friday equipment roundup: Oakley golf bag, Under Armour shorts and a helpful golf club

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If there is one thing golfers love to do, it's tinker with new equipment. We are always looking for the latest driver, hottest putter and best pair of shoes to help us go low. Each Friday for the rest of the year we will be bringing you five items that we've enjoyed messing around with, no matter if it's equipment, apparel or just something random that we thought you'd enjoy. Here we go!

Oakley Factory Lite Golf Bag — If golf shoes have gone the way of comfort, golf bags have gone the way of feathers, becoming lighter and lighter each year. The one that you should pick up if you're looking for a solid carry bag that barely weights anything is the Oakley Factory Lite, a bag that scales in at just 2.8 pounds, but doesn't take away from the essentials of a golf bag. The Factory Lite has multiple pockets, two comfortable straps and a stand, meaning you'll have all the things you want, with a little less strain on your shoulders. www.oakleygolf.com, $199

Under Armour Bent Grass Shorts — Summer is just around the corner, meaning it's almost time to put those golf pants on that top shelf of your closet and pull the shorts out from hibernation. One helpful tip for looking good and being comfortable this golf season includes picking up a pair of these Under Armour Bent Grass Shorts, an incredibly good looking pair of shorts that won't break your wallet and gives you everything you need in shorts and more. The Bent Grass look comes in eight colors (I'm partial to the mint look above) and is just a good looking pair to go with just about any golf shirt out there. www.underarmour.com, $59.99

Nike Lunar Control II — If you pay attention to Rory McIlroy making his way around the Wells Fargo Championship you've probably noticed these snazzy shoes on his feet. The Lunar Control II are another great golf shoe from Nike, giving you extreme comfort without taking away from the stability of full spikes that these shoes come with. When it comes to golf shoes that have everything, Nike is hard to beat, and they brought it again with this concept that will make your golf outfit that much better. www.nikegolf.com, $160

Cobra Bio Cell Plus Driver — I continue to praise Cobra for rolling out some of the most creative, and eye-popping, drivers out there, but I wanted to focus on one little part of the Cobra Bio Cell Plus driver that I think is better than anything else out there. Every driver these days is adjustable, but it can be confusing at times figuring out exactly what this adjustment or that adjustment really means to your ball flight, and your driver. The MyFly technology of the Bio Cell tells you flat out what is happening to the adjustment of your driver, meaning when you switch it, you know exactly what happened without having to figure out the plus or minus sign or what D, S, or F mean. www.cobragolf.com, $399

TRUE lyt dry golf shoe — If you've ever put on a pair of TRUE linkswear golf shoes, you probably had that "symphony in your ear" moment when you realized just what had happened to your feet. These shoes are two exits past comfortable, and the new lyt dry shoe is their lightest to date. This is the type of shoe that combines what TRUE does best (comfort) with a golf shoe that can handle any weather and looks good with shorts or pants. www.truelinkswear.com, $149

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