Our Friday equipment roundup: Oakley Holbrook, adidas climachill and the best golf hat on the market

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Friday equipment

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If there is one thing golfers love to do, it's tinker with new equipment. We are always looking for the latest driver, hottest putter and best pair of shoes to help us go low. Each Friday for the rest of the year we will be bringing you five items that we've enjoyed messing around with, no matter if it's equipment, apparel or just something random that we thought you'd enjoy. Here we go!


Oakley Holbrook with G30 iridium lenses — The leader in sunglasses as is, the Holbrooks with the golf-specific G30 lenses mean you will be at your best on the course while still looking stylish. Living in Arizona, I've been terrible at wearing sunglasses on the golf course, but these are the first I've had that I don't notice when I'm wearing them and I can go a full 18 with them on and not be bothered at all. Super classy looking pair of sunglasses and the lenses do make a big difference. www.oakley.com, $120

adidas ClimaChill Stripe Block Polo — Small aluminum dots around the neck of the shirt to keep you cool? Titanium fibers that help cool you off when you're out in the summer sun? This shirt isn't just sharp looking, it is most definitely smarter than my golf game. www.taylormadegolf.com, $80

Nike Flat Bill Tour — Flat out (pun intended), my favorite hats on the market. They fit amazingly, you can go with the completely flat bill or you can work with the bill to give it some bend (a lot of the flat bills won't allow you to bend it to your liking), and they are extremely comfortable and downright sharp looking. www.nikegolf.com, $30

Odyssey Tank Putter — Basically this is a putter that is made to improve your stroke. The counterbalance weight combined with the heavy head of this #7 version allows you to keep your hands out of the stroke and make a more consistent stroke (you know what that means!). On top of that, it's a beautiful looking putter that steps up the White Hot insert to allow you a better feel throughout the stroke, which helps when someone is considering a switch to counterbalance. www.odysseygolf.com, $199

Devereux Welch Polo — If you haven't checked out the golf polos from Devereux, you're really missing out. The looks are just enough class combined with some color to make you stand out on the golf course, and every look they offer is different and fun. This Welch polo is one of their most popular, and it's a shirt you can rock with a ton of different short/belt combos to up your outfit game. www.dvrxgolf.com, $84.95

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