One more look at Sophie Gustafson’s remarkable interview

Tip of the ol' visor to the Golf Digest Editor's Blog for reminding us about this remarkable Sophie Gustafson interview of a couple weeks back. During the Solheim Cup, in which Gustafson would win European team MVP by taking all four of her matches, she sat down in front of a camera and consented to her first-ever television interview.

Gustafson, you see, has a speech impediment, a stutter that has prevented her from feeling comfortable enough to ever speak on camera. It must be a terrifying thing, knowing that you can't speak publicly for fear that your own tongue and mind will betray you, so bravo to Gustafson for having the guts to step up and do the interview.

"It's always a bummer during the Solheim Cup because everybody else is doing interviews and press conferences, but no one even bothers asking me if I want to do them anymore," she told Golf Digest Woman's Stina Sternberg. "That's why I wanted to try something for this edition. I feel like I have a lot to say and can actually be pretty funny, but it's hard to get it out since I usually keep my mouth shut in public."

The self-directed interview took about an hour and, as Gustafson noted, required some editing. We toss around "hero" and "courage" and words like that too much in sports, and while this isn't rescuing-babies-from-burning-buildings courageous, it's a moment when Gustafson faced down her greatest fear in front of rolling cameras. Think you could do that?

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