Old Videos That Never Get Old: Tiger Woods’ putt at the 2001 Players Championship

There are plenty of golf courses that Tiger Woods has dominated in his career. Bay Hill, Firestone, Augusta National, Torrey Pines; all these have plenty of Tiger memories.

TPC Sawgrass? Not so much for a man with 77 PGA Tour wins in his career. Tiger has struggled at one of the toughest golf courses the tour faces each season, winning just once back in 2001, but that win gave us one of the coolest calls in the history of golf.

Tiger was on the back of the famed 17th green in his third round, facing an incredibly tough 60-footer for birdie. It was one of those putts that you hope you can just lag up close and make par, but Woods threw it out left, let the slope take it and as the putt started racing towards the cup even the announcers weren't sure what to do.

The putt continued to be "better than most" before catching the right side of the cup and dropping in for a birdie. Woods would go on to win by a single shot of Vijay Singh, with that putt definitely making a case for one of the best Tiger has ever struck.

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