Old Videos That Never Get Old: Phil Mickelson’s flop shot over Roger Cleveland

You know how you know a video is two years old? When it involves the flop shot, a golf shot that was a pretty big fad on the PGA Tour for a number of years until players realized that it was actually a pretty low percentage shot.

You hardly ever see the guys take the full swings anymore with their wedges, but that never stopped Phil Mickelson from hitting the shot over Roger Cleveland, who was standing just a few feet in front of the lefty.

Mickelson gives a full explanation of how to pull off this golf shot, and while it isn't as good as him telling us how to hit a golf shot off a cart path, it was still pretty cool to hear the master of these shots give us details.

Now the big question is, do you have a good enough friend that will allow you to do this? Where is William Tell when you need him!?

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