Old Shots That Never Get Old: Bill Haas’ chip shot from the water at the 2011 Tour Championship

Devil Ball Golf

It is one of those golf shots that you can watch over and over again and still shake your head at just how this golf ball ended up where it did.

Bill Haas, in a playoff with Hunter Mahan at the 2011 Tour Championship, found his second shot just in the pond left of the 17th green, needing to get it up and down to extend the playoff and keep his chances at that $10 million bonus alive.

The ball was sitting in shallow water left of the green, and with a big bank guarding the pin, it was going to take something insane to even get the ball back on the putting surface in hopes of saving his four.

Haas took an enormous backswing, came at the ball like he was hitting a bunker shot, and pulled off one of the shots of the year back in 2011. The ball skipped twice, check immediately just two feet from the hole, and his par there kept him alive against Mahan.

On the next playoff hole Haas was able to take down Mahan, winning not just the Tour Championship but the entire FedEx Cup, adding a nice little number to his already plump bank account.

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